Martin Crandon

Audience focused creative direction.

Record Production & Experience Design

Hello! I am a creative. Focused on Brand Identity Experience Design, Creative Direction, Music Production, and Artistic Development, I help Artists and Brands find their unique voice to ensure they build the deepest, most authentic relationships with their audience.



Based out of England in the UK, I take a holistic approach to projects — believing in identifying a core vision and building solutions that align with that vision along every step of the process. I help to develop rich identities & creative content that are directed at audiences specific to your needs, keeping user experience and an overall brand strategy at the tip of every action.

But what does this mean for you?

With Brands, it means developing a voice, ethos, and product that will hook your customers, make them feel like part of your family, and maintain the high standards you set for yourself.

With Artists, this means working with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, developing your artistry & identity, and writing and producing killer tracks that infect peoples minds with hooks they’ll struggle to get out of their heads.

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Recent Projects



I am a Producer focused around Artist Development, enhancing songwriting with favourable production, and modern, polished mixes that will translate a song to its fullest potential in any situation.



I create visual identities for brands and artists based around user experience and practical strategy, leaving an audience with a lasting impression of the messaging you want to convey.



Photo & Video content have become the cornerstone of storytelling and conveying meaning. Tell your story with beautiful imagery that makes the impact of a moment last forever.


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