As well as a degree in Music Production, I have been producing music for the past 5 years. I have a background in a wide variety of genres, from mainstream Pop, Hip Hop, and RnB, through to rock and metal, and even an interest in jazz. This wide range enables me to pull techniques from all areas of the musical spectrum to create truly original twists on pop music.

Alex Tracey

As a DIY artist, Alex was getting attention to his catchy songwriting by releasing clips of his own recordings online. He came to me wanting to step things up with a full release campaign, including the production & mix.



We first ended up working together on his single ‘Crazy’ — an Indie-Pop tune that was funky, bright, and poppy as hell.

Following this, Alex came back to work on his next song ‘Take Me To The Other Side’ — an eclectic mix of 80’s throwback rock-riffs and four-to-the-floor dance beats, and then keeping things consistent with a clean, poppy mix.

Mixing Alex’s songs always presents a struggle in that between his pre-production and my further additions to the song, the texture is always incredibly thick and layered. Getting all of these elements balanced and clear in the final master is challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

"Martin is a professional, and you see this immediately when you work with him. He has a wonderful eye as well as a fantastic ear which compliments his fast work rate and extremely professional attention to detail."

Lucy Whittaker

Lucy Whittaker Only One Artwork.jpg

Lucy is a quickly rising UK pop artist, and one of the hardest-working musicians I know. As well as producing the title track from Lucy's debut EP, 'Only One', which we wrote together, our work together also includes photoshoots, logo design, artwork, music video shoots, and capturing her incredible performances across UK Pride festivals.


"Working with Martin means working with someone who is skilled and knowledgeable in a range of disciplines, who is always open to new ways of doing things, and who constantly strives to produce fresh and authentic work. I’ve worked with Martin both as a producer and songwriter, and can honestly say he’s a pleasure to work with."



When not working on radio-ready Indie-Pop songs, I also produce under the alias Bloodless, influenced by my background in alternative and rock music, and blended with current trends in pop & electronic music.

The project is solely self-created, spanning songwriting, production, and mixing through to artwork design and video production.